The FocalFuse Framework

We follow the same process for both logo and brand identity projects.



  • Please fill out the form to get in touch.
  • We schedule a short intro call to meet and chat about your goals— Super excited about this!

Proposal & Agreement

  • Once we chat, I will send a proposal and agreement outlining the project details.
  • 75% payment deposit is required to move forward.
  • A final invoice will be submitted for the 25% remainder (upon completion).


  • Every project begins with a conversation with you and any key decision makers.
  • We will chat about your origin story, goals, target audience, and highlight what makes you extraordinary.
  • You will receive a PDF document recapping everything we talked about.


  • Based on our discussion, we create a word map to guide the brand direction.
  • We analyze your current visual image, your audience, and competitors in your market.
  • We build a moodboard with some appropriate design directions and visual inspiration.
  • The idea sketching process get as many concepts and ideas out as possible.
  • We refine the best ideas to present to you and any key decision makers.
  • We make any additional revisions (if needed).


  • Once approved, we organize and deliver the final artwork to you via Gmail or Dropbox.
  • Your project includes a spec sheet or brand guidelines that will act as a visual roadmap to keep you on-brand going forward.
  • We stay in touch and will follow up to hear about the buzz you’re building.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a brand identity cost?

Every business has different goals and requirements. The price will depend on the project scope and needs of your business. Typically, the investment is between $1,500 to $5,000. To find out what your project will cost, inquire here.

How long does the process take?

The timeline of your project will be largely influenced by your project scope and deliverables that are needed. On average, it can take 2 to 3 months to successfully complete your brand identity.

Can we work remotely?

Absolutely! We've been blessed to work with clients all over the world. Thanks to modern technology, we can effectively manage projects from virtually anywhere. We use PDF’s, emails, phone calls, videos, FaceTime, Zoom, and can accommodate to what’s convenient for you.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes, if revisions are needed, you’ll gather and submit your teams feedback all at one time in written format.

After confirming the updates with you, we will revise and submit the new version for review. That concludes one round of revisions.

We allow three rounds of revisions complementary (it usually takes less.)
Additional revisions can be billed separately.

What if I only need one design, not a whole identity?

While we typically work on logo suites and full brand identities, we understand you might only need an event poster or marketing collateral and we can generally accommodate. Inquire here to get your project started.

Are we a good fit?

If you are looking for something super fast, quick, and cheap, we are not the right fit for you. We help businesses who are determined to thrive in a competitive market who require strategic thinking and craftsmanship. Greatness doesn't happen overnight.

Do I have to pay a deposit to start?

When we decide to move forward, we create a custom proposal for you outlining your project details, objectives, timelines, and pricing.

We structure our projects into different phases. Before we begin each phase, we ask that you submit the payment for that phase to get started. If your project has 3 phases, there will be 3 payments- one payment before starting each phase.

We can't thank FocalFuse enough for the work done for us at Yard Barbers. Matt took a vision we had and brought it to life in a way we couldn't have ever imagined. The professionalism, attention to details, and skillset are superb! We've found our go-to and we HIGHLY recommend FocalFuse if you want your company to be represented in the best way possible! Matt is a genius.

Nathan Leonard | Owner of Yard Barbers

Escape the Ordinary.
Be Extraordinary.

Escape the Ordinary. Be Extraordinary.