About Us

Customer-Centric. Strategic. Craftsmanship.

What is FocalFuse?

FocalFuse is a creative branding and design company located in southern Wisconsin.

We specialize in story-driven logo suites and full brand identities that help funded startups and bold businesses build buzz, revenue, and brand equity.


The Difference You Feel

Ordinary Designers

Many of the businesses we’ve partnered up with over the years initially came to us feeling frustrated and hesitant about their past experience working with designers- we totally get it. Many ordinary designers offer fast and affordable design options and are happy to start right away with no questions asked. But that’s just it- their lack of questioning and understanding of a business typically results in missing the mark, more revisions, or having to start all over again. Ordinary designers create visuals that “look cool” to them instead of designing with the intention of helping you reach business goals and connect with your ideal audience. You might need a bigger picture approach.

Large Agency

Sometimes a large creative agency is the way to go. Agencies have a huge list of capabilities and specialized services to accommodate bigger branding initiatives. For complex projects that require the “all hands on deck” approach, a larger budget and longer turnaround time can be expected. Traditionally, the more risk that’s involved if an organization gets their branding wrong, the more likely they are to invest in a large agency. In many cases, the months of meetings, agency sized overhead, and intimidation of hiring a large agency can be too much to handle.


FocalFuse works with determined businesses that require big-picture thinking, a collaborative process, and effective design to help shape their brand and stand out in a busy industry. Our goal is to truly understand the essence of your business, story, culture, personality, goals, challenges, and vision for the future- to ensure that we craft a brand experience that engages and deeply connects with your desired audience. We want you to walk away with not only a new friend, but branding and design that gives you clarity and confidence while helping you tell your story and win new fans.

Why We Started

FocalFuse originated over the course of eight months from 2018 to 2019 as founder Matt Nemetz worked to close the gap between the creative agency and freelance design experiences.

The problem was that agencies were associated with solving bigger problems, and freelance designers were associated with being order takers and pixel-pushers more than trusted advisors.

FocalFuse was created as a solution. By offering a new way to experience the creative process, people can do business without the intimidation of a large agency or risk of a freelancer “getting it wrong.”

The goal isn't only to create an extraordinary customer experience, but to bring people together who believe in meaningful, story-driven creative work and craftsmanship.

“Be Extraordinary” is the tagline and narrative that continues to energize and drive the FocalFuse brand today.

Working with FocalFuse was a great experience. They were very responsive and delivered our company's material in a timely fashion. More importantly, they understood our company, objectives and the direction we wanted to head in. This allowed us to execute on our brand strategy efficiently and timely. I highly recommend working with this company for all your brand needs.

Tim Guenther | Founder of Flight School Golf

Matt Nemetz

Owner • Designer

Matt Nemetz is the founder and designer at FocalFuse. He’s a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for storytelling, brand building, and craftsmanship. With a background in design, marketing, and video production, Matt enjoys partnering with bold brands to accomplish goals in strategic and creative ways. He typically works on projects individually from concept to success, but he has a talented circle of creatives to partner with when projects call for it. He’s a lover of music, design, cinematography, and skateboarding among other things. In his free time, he can be found on various adventures with his wife, two boys, and puppy.

Our Mission

To enable businesses to thrive, build community, and create extraordinary brand experiences.

Core Values


The core of our business starts with loving what we do.


We leave nothing to chance. Every pixel has a purpose.


Outlook is everything. We are mindful of different viewpoints.


We love working with extraordinary companies with ambitious goals who are excited to invest in and benefit from strategic design.


Client Section

We love extraordinary organizations who are excited to invest in strategic design.

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