FocalFuse is a people-focused visual media company that helps brands grow, tell stories, and achieve a competitive advantage. Our goal is to create content that works and drives progressive results. We achieve this by listening to understand, defining brand voice, and recognizing the needs of the clients & community in that space.


We believe in:

  • Continuous Development 
  • Embracing Change
  • Being Open Minded
  • Doing More With Less
  • Being Thankful


Matt Nemetz is the visionary behind FocalFuse LLC. Since his youth, Matt has been drawn towards art, film, and music. The exposure to these mediums sparked a curiosity that only continued to grow as the years went on. After graduating from university, freelancing, and working professionally in the visual communication space, Matt found gaps in the creative market that he wanted to fill utilizing his passion, skills, and experience.

Understanding the issues that brands faced when hiring freelancers vs hiring agencies gave Matt the information that he needed to create a business model that incorporated the best of both worlds. His passion and desire to creatively solve problems, provide real value, and create kick-ass visuals pushed him to start FocalFuse.


What are the differences between a Freelancer, an Agency, and FocalFuse?



Many students and freelancers are inexperienced. They offer cheap designs and are happy to start right away. The lack of research and discovery upfront results in a waste of time and money. Sometimes freelancers fail to ask the right questions that define your brand voice, position your brand to produce results, and work effectively. If questions like these are important to you (which they should be), not just any freelancer with design software is the right fit for your project. You might need a higher level of thinking and more care to be applied.



Sometimes a full-service digital media agency is what you need. Agencies typically have more resources at their disposal than a freelancer does. For projects that are complex, and require various skills, consider contacting an agency. A larger budget and more planning/communication are required when working with an agency due to their amount of overhead. Months of meetings are helpful for some companies, but they can slow down others who need deliverables quickly. In general, the more risk an organization faces if they get their branding wrong, the more likely they are to hire a big agency. For you, this might be out of your budget and time frame. There is, however, an alternative option.



FocalFuse works with brands who require big-picture thinking, quick turnaround times, visual continuity, and effective results. We believe in doing what’s practical and what works to get your brand to the next step. We value working for a purpose and working effectively and efficiently. If you are results driven and need a creative problem solved without the hassle of long turnaround times and agency sized overhead fees, FocalFuse could be the perfect fit for you.