Your Brand is Your Reputation

Define Your Identity • Build Your Confidence • Grow Your Business

Your Business Should Not Be Invisible

  • We are in a competitive market
  • First impressions are important to us
  • Lack of visibility costs us sales
  • We have customers, not advocates
  • We are in a time of transition
  • We need to look established
  • We need some creative direction
  • We want to boost company morale

*Whether you need a logo or an entire brand
identity design, the creative process works the same way.

How to Get Started

How You Benefit From
Hiring an Identity Designer

If your company is determined to thrive in a competitive market and you aren’t creating a memorable brand experience, you are losing money. A logo or branding identity with FocalFuse gives you assurance and a future-proof way of increasing visibility and sales.

Here’s how it works: After you submit a project inquiry, we will set up a call to understand your history, pain-points, goals, and project details. After the call, we will research and create moodboards to find a general direction before any concepts are created.

We then create2-3 concepts that fit the direction and style of your company. After moving forward with the best direction, we listen to your feedback and make the final refinements. Upon approval, we send over the final deliverables for your new brand launch. The brand style guide that you receive from your brand identity will be your visual roadmap to ensure future branding success.

Branding Solutions

Logo & Identity Process

1. Proposal
Once you inquire about a logo or identity design, we look over your submission and set up an introductory call. (The call takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.)
In the call, we discuss your history, pain-points, goals, and project details like the scope and timeframe.
After the call, we’ll send over a proposal and agreement form. Upon approval, a 50% deposit is required to begin the project. The remaining half will be due upon project completion.
2. Discovery
In order to create a winning logo or identity design, we first need to answer some questions. This is the phase where we learn about your company and define a visual direction.
In this phase, we fill out a worksheet covering:
•Intro to brand strategy
•Project Creative Brief
•The Design
•The Details
•User Journey
*The more information you provide, the more defined your identity will be.
We will have another meeting to follow up and review the information from the worksheet.
We create 2-3 moodboards to dial in on the visual direction ensuring they are appropriate with the information from the worksheet.
After choosing the brand direction, we move on to the next phase.
3. Production
We create 2-3 concepts that fit the direction and style of your company. You will receive a PDF with the concept presentations.
We will have a follow-up meeting discussing the presentation.
4. Refinements
We pick the best solution to move forward with. If refinements are necessary, please send detailed feedback in written format at one time. We want to ensure that we don’t miss any of the details.
We then submit a refined brand presentation back to you.
Our process allows up to three rounds of revisions (it usually takes less) More revisions can be billed separately.
5. Delivery
We will organize and prepare all of the files into one convenient location.
You get all of your logo variations, brand colors, and identity elements ready to use and easy to locate in a master folder.
You get all of the web files and the EPS vector files for printing and merchandise (don’t lose these.)
When you invest in an identity package, you get a brand style guide that acts as a visual roadmap for your company’s new face.
Your internal team and many others can use this guide to keep your visual image cohesive in all environments.
6. Launch
Congrats! We are now ready to pass you the baton. You now have the tools and the confidence that you need to enable you to become the brand that people love.
At the end of the day, we are all in the business of people. The story that you tell needs to connect with your audience in order to create a meaningful experience, build advocacy, and grow your sales.

Case Studies

Logo & Identity FAQs

Difference between brand, identity, and logo?
Your brand is the result of how other people feel about your product, service, or business. It’s a perception that people have based on their experience. It’s your companies overall reputation.
Everything that makes up how your business looks, sounds, feels, tastes, and smells is your brand. It includes everything that you can and cannot touch. We can’t fully control what people feel about us, but we can do our best to make a good impression.
Your identity (or branding identity) is all of the visual components that make up your brand. It’s what makes you stand out and lets people know who you are. Your identity is made up of visual touch-points like your logo, brand colors, typestyles, icons, patterns, business cards, letterheads, vehicle graphics, so on. When your identity is completed, you will receive a brand style guide that acts as a visual roadmap of your logo and visual elements.
Your logo is a mark that represents your company in its simplest form. It’s usually an icon, typestyle, or combination of them. The logo is the most recognizable element of a brand identity. It should be simple, recognizable, and appropriate to your brand. A logo isn’t about communicating what you do, it’s about creating a simple mark that identifies who you are.
What is my investment?
Our google search shows that a professional logo can range from $500 to $5,000. Some logos are sold for millions. Ours aren’t…yet.
Our other google search shows that brand identities range from $2,000-$10,000. The size of the company, risk, and project scope are just a few factors that influence the investment size. Big problems call for big solutions.
How long does the process take?

It depends on the project scope and deliverables that are needed. It can take 2-4 weeks to complete a logo package and 1-3 months for an identity package with some additional marketing materials.

Can We Work Remotely?

Definitely! Due to the times at hand and modern technology, we can effectively manage projects from a distance. We use PDF’s, emails, phone calls, Videos, FaceTime, Zoom, and accommodate to what’s convenient for you.

Should you consider a brand identity?
If your business is local and established with loyal customers then most people won’t be offended by what your visual brand looks like.
If you are in an industry that is more competitive such as entertainment, health and wellness, hospitality, or food service, then having a powerful visual presence can really boost your sales and company morale.
Whether you’re in the early stages or your business is established, having a strategy and appropriate visual identity build a stable foundation for future growth.
Are we a good fit?

If you are looking for something fast, quick, and cheap, we are not the right fit for you. FocalFuse helps people and businesses who are determined to thrive in a competitive market to be seen, heard, and understood with captivating visuals.

How picky should I be about my logo?
The honest truth is that if you want your company to become a brand that people love, you first need to earn people’s trust. Your logo and identity act as your companies face and ID.
Since logos are the most commonly used visual element that represents your company, it needs to be well thought out and future-proof.
At FocalFuse, we create responsive logo solutions that allow your logo to be easily identified in any size environment from a billboard to an app icon.
We create our logo marks to be simple, appropriate, and memorable- a formula that has been proven to resonate with people and turn customers to advocates.
Can you create a website?

Similar to identity design, web design is a specialty of its own. While we have the ability to create effective websites, we leave that to the professionals.

We’d be glad to recommend someone, give some helpful pointers, or help consult on a project to ensure brand consistency.

Your brand style guide will also be a great tool to help web developers adhere to your brand style guide and create visual consistency.

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