Brand Identity for Startups

The Benefits of Branding Your Startup


Starting a business is an exciting venture that can also get overwhelming. With a lot of variables to kick around, many businesses overlook branding or see it as an optional step.

The truth is that the brand identity process helps you to clarify your business goals early on, and set a direction for all of your future communications. Without a clear direction it can be difficult to understand what your business does and what problems you solve. We partner up and guide you through the brand identity process in a way that allows you to be involved without wasting time.


Most startups are determined to thrive in a competitive market. In order to disrupt your space and accelerate your growth, your business needs to stand out from the rest. We help you accomplish this by understanding your business and what makes it special. This allows consumers to see why they should chose you instead of the other guys.


When you make the decision to invest in a brand identity design, we create a brand style guide containing logos, type, colors, patterns, and other elements that document the visual language of your identity. This guide is a visual roadmap that your team can use to guide you into the future and scale with a cohesive brand look, voice, and personality.


A brand identity will bring your startup to life creating clarity, confidence, and helping you attract potential investors. When an identity is done right, it allows you to invite consumers into a story rather than sell something to them.

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Are We the Right Fit For Your Startup?

Every startup has moving variables and phases to consider. We work with you to understand where you’re at in the process and how we can help you get to where you want to be.

When you approach the phase where you are ready to get serious and invest thousands into your brand identity, we work with you to strengthen your brand in a way that is appropriate, conveys your brand personality, visual language, and allows you to scale.

If you are ready to take your startup to the next level, inquire now and let’s schedule a call so we can learn more about your goals.

We needed to build branding, packaging, and marketing materials for our startup. FocalFuse guided us through the branding process from start to finish and helped us develop everything we needed to take our business to the next level. Working with Matt and FocalFuse was an absolute delight!

Tim Champion | Co-Owner of Reliefly

Making Big Ideas Bigger.

Making Big Ideas Bigger.