Grind Lifestyle Brand Identity Design

The Challenge

As skateboarders embark on the journey of life, go to school, start careers, and start families, the time they have to get out and enjoy the benefits of skating becomes limited. The daily grind starts to prevail over the time spent grinding on a skateboard. In many cases, this leads to a negative impact on the physical and mental health of people within the skateboarding community. What can we do about this?

The Solution

A skateboarding and lifestyle brand that celebrates the skaters and determined ones living the reality of the “grind” both physically on a skateboard and mentally with the work they do on a daily basis. Create an outlet that helps skateboarders stay connected to their passion while paying homage to their self-discipline and resilient character.

Project Scope

Research & Discovery, Brand Identity, Print Design, and Marketing Collateral.


When we were kids we practically lived in different driveways practicing tricks on our flat bars. The notion of the “grind” was present both physically and mentally as we worked to land tricks and progress at the sport of skateboarding.

As we got older and started families of our own, the idea of the grind came with a new meaning. Throughout our journey, our grind mentality, passion, energy, and excitement continue to fuel our spirits and live inside of us.

The name grind represents our call to action. It’s what we do.

The Design

After a deep dive of research and discovery, a collection of moodboards and sketches were created to get out as many different ideas as possible and narrow down a design direction. The goal was to create a bold, symbolic mark that skateboarders from all of the world could embrace and identify with.
The approved logo incorporates a pictorial mark of a grind rail. The rail exists in the center of a bold wordmark to represent the letter “i” in the word grind. Additionally, the round nature of the letters G and D allow the full wordmark to create the shape form of a skateboard from the top perspective.


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Grind Lifestyle Brand Emblem
AFGM Media Group Logo
Everwild Music Festival 2021 Brandmark
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Yard Barbers Brandmark
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Making Big Ideas Bigger.