Boppr Case Study

Fusing Strategy And Design To Change The Way People Connect


The Challenge

Design the digital user experience to align with the key values of this imaginative, forward-thinking, tech startup, and increase the brand awareness of the Boppr brand.


The Solution

A strategic brand identity, messaging, video and collateral that highlights Boppr as the people-focused tech brand that enables networkers and convenience seekers to instantly connect and exchange info.

Boppr Viewsheet

Project Scope

Strategy, Messaging, Logo and Brand Identity Design, Packaging, Print Design, App Development, Web Development, Marketing Collateral, Advertising and Video Production.
Boppr Spec Sheet


Boppr is an innovative tech startup based in Beloit, Wisconsin. They believe that nothing should stand in the way of instantly connecting people. Boppr helps innovators and early adopters instantly connect and share their online presence and more, using their mobile app and product line.Over an intense 9 month process, we strategized and designed the Boppr brand from concept to the official mobile app and product launch on August 2nd, 2021.


The project was kicked off after three Beloit, WI natives joined forces with the idea to make connecting, sharing, and networking a more convenient and enjoyable experience.
After several calls and an in-depth discovery session, we were able to gain clarity about the pain points and preferences of the Boppr user base- the innovators and early adopters in the B2B and B2C spaces.
Boppr Banner


As the essence of the Boppr story and positioning became clear, we understood the assignment- to craft an identity that communicates as human and helpful, curious and clever, intriguing and innovative, and hardworking and humble.
These qualities immediately transcended into the identity design and messaging for the Boppr brand and were applied across the key touch points and environments where the brand exists.
Boppr Logo Sketches
Boppr Brand Guidelines
Boppr Packaging
Boppr Retail End Cap
Boppr Website
Boppr App Images


To help shorten the learning curve and make the user experience better, we created a series of explanatory videos that help customers effortlessly set up their Boppr profiles and pair their Boppr tags in no time.


Jerrick Hakim – App Development, Web Development, UX, UI Technology Specialist
Tim Champion – Operations Manager, Product Development, Web Design, Sales Specialist
Matt Nemetz – Creative Director, Brand Design Specialist, Strategist, Brand Manager

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